Convert Your Images For Free Using These Applications

There are hundreds of different digital image file formats. There are instances where converting from one file format to another might be necessary. In such instances, you will need to use the appropriate image converter software. For most people and businesses, image conversion isn't a daily activity. Therefore, investing in a commercial image converter software might not be necessary. There are several free image converter software to choose from. Some are downloadable while others are online based. Here are 9 of the best.

Convert Your Images For Free Using These Applications


This is the most powerful and feature rich free image processing software. It supports over 80 different actions including transforms, filters, effects and metadata processing. This free for download software is compatible with different operating systems including Windows, Mac and Linux. This software supports over 500 image formats and allows you to export your converted images in over 70 formats. Another great feature of this software is that it includes over 20 different language translations.



This downloadable software is supported by Windows and Mac operating systems. It supports many of the common image file formats and comes with several useful features. Batch conversion allows for conversion of multiple images at once. In addition, the preview feature allows you to view output file size before actual conversion.



This is an online based image converter. One feature that makes is stand out is that all image conversions are converted in real time. Once the conversion is done, you can download it directly to your computer without having to retrieve it through email. Users can also rotate and resize their images before converting.

Image Espresso

This is an online based image converter app. It's supported by the major operating systems. The app supports 11 input file formats and over 30 output file formats. It supports several actions including cropping, rotating, resizing and adding effects on images to be converted. The only downsize to this online app is that the file size to be uploaded is limited to 10MB.


It's also online based. Image conversion using this online software involves a process where once the image is uploaded, you'll need to select output format and input a valid email address. Once conversion is complete, a download link is sent to the email provided. The service also provides free cloud storage which enables users to save and share their converted image files

Free Image Convert and Resize

This is a downloadable software that's specifically designed for Windows computers. The software is owned by DVDVideoSoft. The software supports various actions including batch conversion, renaming and changing file size. It only supports 6 output file formats.


Also an online image conversion app, it supports most of the common image file formats. The conversion process is similar to that of FileZigZag. However, the whole process does take some time but is usually under 10 minutes.


This is another downloadable software specifically designed for Windows computers. It's functionality is also limited to Windows 8, 7 and Vista. This image converter supports several actions including batch processing, resizing and adding effects. It only supports 6 of the most common image file formats.

Send to Convert

It's a downloadable software that's designed for Windows computers (Windows XP to Windows 8). The software supports 5 input file formats and 4 output formats. One feature that stands out in this software is the send to convert feature. This allows you to simply right click on an image, click on send to convert option and the image is converted based on the default settings set in the software.